The Newsletter of American Veterans For Equal Rights New York
A Gay. Lesbian. Bisexual. Transgender. Two Spirit. People of All Colors, Veteran’s Association

Vol. 1

March 2003



You don’t have to ask, we’re telling 


From the President:

Despite the Big Snow canceling our February meeting, AVERNY continued to expand programs and services in the past few months.

We now have liaison with health administrative personnel at the Veterans Administration New York Harbor Healthcare System. Via referral, we can now provide assistance to GLBT veterans in discharge upgrades, service connected disability claims, and enrollment in the VA medical system for qualified veterans.

In recent weeks we have met with Griot Circle in Brooklyn and SAGE in Manhattan. We are working toward developing joint programs, sensitivity training at the VA medical centers, and other projects.

Beginning in April, AVERNY will begin meeting at the LGBT Community Center on 13th Street in Manhattan on the third Sunday afternoon of each month at 3 PM This will be followed by a nosh or early dinner at a Village restaurant. The first Sunday meeting at ‘The Center’ will be on April 20th.

On March 22-23 AVERNY will be at the Gay Lesbian Business and Entertainment Expo at Javits Convention Center. We hope to attract many new AVERNY members there.

In April, I will be attending the AVER national convention in San Antonio, Texas. This important week-long gathering of AVER chapter, regional, and national leaders will shape the future of the national organization. Donations to help fund attendance at this meeting are requested.

We welcome Al Keenan as AVERNY’s first Secretary, effective March 2nd. Al and several board volunteers have begun to lend their talents toward making AVERNY a community service organization devoted to helping GLBT veterans in receiving their benefits, providing a social environment, and planning future activities.

Politically, American Veterans for Equal Rights New York, in conjunction with the national organization AVER, and SLDN, is devoted to ending the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy of the armed forces of the United States. AVERNY is also engaged in endorsing local GLBT rights legislation and advocacy.

This past November, we marched in the Veterans Day Parade, under the Rainbow flag, up Fifth Avenue. This coming summer, we will be marching in Gay Pride Parades in Manhattan and Queens. Volunteers who would like to help organize and participate are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible.


Meetings are held on the third
Sunday of each month at the
LGBT Community Center on W. 13th St.

Sunday April 20th at 3 PM

Sunday May 18th at 3 PM

Sunday June 15th at 3 PM

Sunday July 20th at 3 PM


AVERNY Donation Wish List:

Ultimately, along with good intentions and endless hours of volunteer work, it still costs money to make things happen. We’ve got good intentions, plans, and a few volunteers; listed below are a few basics that you can sponsor to help AVERNY get stated.

Community Projects (diversity and senior LGBT veteran outreach) Neighborhood newspaper ads
$50 per month

Telephone line $20 per month

Website dot.org $119 per year

Office operations $30 per month

Meeting space fees $40 per month

AVER Convention attendance fund $50 +

No contribution is too small!

AVERNY is a 501c3 non-profit organization. If you are interested in funding any of the above, or would like to propose funding for other related aspects of our organizational goals, please contact us at:

718 849-5665

Please make checks to:
American Veterans for Equal Rights New York
PO Box 800187, Elmhurst NY, 11380

Denny Meyer, President
Bill Horne, Vice President
Al Keenan, Secretary
Dan Hendrick, Treasurer