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AVERNY 2003 Summer Pride Parade Sign-up

We are now planning for the 2003 Summer Pride Parade season. American Veterans for Equal Rights New York will be marching in two parades: Queens, and Manhattan. We also hope to have tables at each pride festival. AVERNY welcomes SLDN members and supporters in joining us in these events. You do not have to be a veteran to march with us, all supporters and veterans are welcome. To sign-up, please e-mail or telephone us and let us know which events you would like to participate in. We must register now to march and table in these pride events; so we need to know how many people will be with us.

e-mail: glbtvetsnyc@yahoo.com

telephone: 718 849-5665

Please provide your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and (optional) mailing address. Indicate which of the following events you will participate in:

Queens Pride Parade Sun. June 1

Queens Pride Festival table: Sun. June 1

Brooklyn Pride Festival, table, Saturday afternoon, June 7

Manhattan Pride Parade (HOP); Sun. June 29

parade vehicle for disabled participants:
If you have a car and can drive it in any of the above parades, please indicate which parades you can do this in.

Donations: If you would like to support our efforts with a donation to help pay for Pride Festival tables at the above events, please call us at 718 849-5665.

Marching with AVERNY:
We are LGBT veterans who have served in the armed forces of the United States of America. We want to present a somewhat decent image and message when we march.
What you can wear and carry when marching with us:
neat casual clothing, Your full U.S. military uniform (proper and inspectable) with medals, decent drag, AVER VETERAN tee shirts. You may carry: American Flags, Rainbow Flags, SLDN banner, AVER Banner.

What you can NOT wear nor carry when marching with us:
Buttons, badges, banners, insignia, signs, and clothing expressing opinions on anything, nor representing organizations other than AVER and SLDN. Please do not wear clothing made out of the American Flag, thank you.

By marching with us you agree to accept full responsibility for (and to indemnify us against) you own actions and behavior.